Model photography on locations can be one of the best shoots to really show off new collections for brands. They take a lot of planning which we’re more then happy to help with or to follow along with all your plans.


River Grounds Manor is an amazing brick country house near Richmond, London. It was a lovely location to photograph this new women’s wear collection. With this location although beautiful and certainly elegant bones it came with some interesting difficulties with out-there décor, tight spaces and off limit areas.


As with all our location shoots our equipment list included two cameras, both Nikon D800 and three lens, two 24-70mm and one 50mm, and multiple lights and diffusers. For this location we saw that even though there are some amazing floor to ceiling windows that bring in natural light the middle space is very dark. We needed to balance the light with our portable continuous lights.

With all our location model shoots we want our clients to be able to view the images as we photograph which is why we shoot tethered to a laptop.

Check out our behind the scenes videos below.


On the day

There was 8 of us on the shoot day, photographer & assistant, videographer, model, MUA and 3 members from the brand.

9:00am We arrived to the Manor to start organizing the shoot, we always like to start with a walk through of the space with the client and videographer so we can organize the right locations to shoot at the right time (factoring in the sun again). The model and MUA arrived at the same time to starting on hair and makeup and the clothes are being steamed.

10:30am We are ready to start photographing, with the walk through in the morning the outfits and locations are already selected so the images come through fast and there are some swift outfit changes!

Once the client is happy we got all the outfits and images done within the location we move on to the next. Trying to keep the momentum up so we can get as many outfits and images as possible. With this location we knew we wanted to use the in-door out-door pool but didn’t know how. While shooting and everyone giving out ideas we got inspired to get the model in the pool as well as the photographer to capture some get looking images! With the tethering cable hovering over the water and the photographer up to her thighs it was a little iffy at times but well worth the risk! And we’re happy the water was warm.

5:00pm That’s a wrap! We start to take down all the equipment and pack up the car. The images are sent over to the client so they can select the final images to use on their website, social media and other marketing sites.


Photographing on location is always a challenge but the pros out weigh the cons. Its a great way to show case off you items in real life and really make them stand out. You’re not only selling the clothing but the lifestyle as well!

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