ecommerce photography studio london

Sage Studio offers Commercial product photography and ecommerce still life for beauty and makeup products. Creative product photography with water splashes highlights and gives a vibrant tone for an advertisement on your social media or newspaper. For your ecommerce beauty brand, Sage Studio offers a variety of different options, including product photography on white background, underwater photography, water splashes photography and high end still life on black background, including in-house high end retouching. Our talented still life photographers and experts in photo editing have over ten years of experience in technical and complicated still life photography, and they perfectly know how to emphasize your makeup products with striking images. Lipstick ecommerce photography and beauty product packshot are our daily bread at Sage Studio.

Women swimwear and beachwear ecommerce photography
Summer is behind us but dreams of warm holidays are on every one’s mind, it’s time to update your fashion e-commerce website with your new collection of swimwear. Sage Studio is the perfect place for photographing your swimwear and beachwear with any kind of image, from flat lays (simple or styled with colourful props) to complex invisible/ghost mannequin photography. Consider a fashion summer campaign with models, highlighting your swimwear at the very best. Choose Sage as your new photographic studio in London for your model, packshot and still life photography.

Woman’s evening wear e-commerce photography
It’s the time of year when women are looking for the perfect dress for the holiday seasons. Why not get your collections photographed invisible mannequin style to highlight them in the best possible way. At Sage Studio you can get all the type of imagery you could be looking for, ghost mannequin, flat lay, or model photography. Weather your looking to update your website or social media page Sage Studio can help you with all your imagery needs. Choose Sage as your new photographic studio in London for your model, packshot and still life photography.

Men and women sportswear and fitness ecommerce photography
Looking for a photographic studio in London for your sportswear brand? Sage Studio already collaborates with some of the best fitness ecommerce website on the market. At Sage Studio we know how to emphasize a sportswear collection with outstanding flat lay photography. For your ecommerce ghost/invisible mannequin photography on white background, Sage Studio offers consistency and quality for your ecommerce sportswear brand. Sports bra ecommerce photography, tank top ghost mannequin packshot, trousers and leggings for your photographic campaign. Choose Sage as your new photographic studio in London for your model, packshot and still life photography.

Jewellery and Watches ecommerce photography
Sage Studio offers leading quality photography for jewellery and watch companies based in London or anywhere else. Sage studio provides high-end quality e-commerce photography for Jewellery: ring photography on white background for e-commerce, creative women necklace still life product shot, bracelet and other jewellery photography on model for advertising. Sage Studio developed a unique technique to photograph and retouch still life watches images, whether for a Rolex or a small start-up company, offering quality and affordable prices for any creative ecommerce photoshoot in London. Choose Sage as your new photographic studio in London for your model, packshot and still life photography.

Table top ecommerce still life photography
Sage Studio is the photographic studio in London that offers a complete service for your table top e-commerce products. Handbag, purse, clutch, backpack e-commerce photography, emphasizing leather, details and textures with packshot, still life photography and 360 degrees photography. More than this, Sage Studio can photograph pretty much anything and our services include: Sunglasses ecommerce photography, scarves and gloves still life photography, ties photography and other men’s accessories product shoot. Shoes photography is our specialties, including angled and side shoes photography, shoes on white background, 360 degrees photography of boots and much more.

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