Here at Sage we are very concern about the COVID-19 virus and we are determined to making sure we do our part to not spread it further.

Although we have stopped all contact shoots (model shoots, high-end stylist shoot, etc) we are still operating at a near 100% capacity in our ecommerce studio. Which means we’re still photographing and booking in photography shoots for ghost mannequin, flat lays and table top products.

Below are the steps we will be taking in order to keep our staff and clients safe.

Contact-less deliveries

We ask all of our clients to ask their delivery service to leave all items by our door and we will bring the items in once they have left. This will hopefully reduce the risk of human to human contact.

Disinfecting all photography equipment

We will disinfect all cameras, laptops and other equipment items that gets daily use, multiple times a day with anti-bacterial cleaning products. We will also ensure all staff wash their hands on a regular basis and after touching anything new.

Minimal staff at the studio

All of our retouching and office staff will be working from home for the foreseeable future. Our photographers are only a short walk away from our studio, and they will only be in the studio when we’ve booked in a shoot. As they can walk this is going to reduce the risk of getting the virus by avoiding public transport.

Disinfect all products and steaming all clothing for 3 minutes

As there are concerns that the virus can stay active on objects for a few hours to a few days once we receive your items, we will be disinfecting hard surface products with anti-bacterial cleaning products (making use not to damage the products) and steaming clothing on high heat for 3 minutes to kill any germs (on appropriate fabric type only).

Handling products with gloves while photographing

During the photography and styling process we will be wearing gloves at all times making sure we keep changing them if we touch other surfaces that have not been disinfected regularly.

Disinfect all products once we’ve completed photographing them

Once all products are done being photographed we will once again disinfect them as much as possible before quickly packing them away.

Contact-less collection

As with our contact-less deliveries we will ask all delivery drives to back away once they come to collect the items so we can place the products outside the door for them to take.

If you have any questions or concerns about the steps we’re taking please feel free to contact us via the website link or email us directly at

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