Model location shoots come with a lot of planning, at Sage Studio we can take all the stress off your shoulders and plan it for you or meet you where ever you want to go.

For this shoot the client planned everything, the location, model, MUA and number of outfits. We’re always happy to adapt to our clients needs! Our goal was to capture some stunning images for their new womenswear items, from full length, details and horizontals for web banners. Take a look at just some of the amazing images we captured and have a read about the equipment we used and how the day was planned.


For this shoot we had a lovely purpose built house in Mile End to photograph in. The owner of the property is also a photographer and wanted to space to be used by others. With all shoots that the client selects the location we ask for images and the direction the house is facing (so we know which rooms will have sunlight and when) that way we can see the space and plan the shoot for our lighting and equipment needs. As there is a great outdoor space that was created to look like the bottom of a pool we crossed our fingers the weather would be good. Also with the lovely floor to ceiling windows on the main level we wanted all the sun light possible.


Nikon D800 camera x 2 (always bring a back up!)
Nikon 24-70 mm Lens
Nikon 50mm lens
Wireless strobe lights, diffusers, reflectors and stands

This time with very little natural light on the bottom floor and the tight space we made sure all our battery powered lights were fully charged and had multiple space saving diffusers to help us.

With all our model location shoots we want our clients to be able to view the images as we photograph which is why we shoot tethered to a laptop.

Check out our behind the scenes video below.

On the day 

There was 7 of us on the shoot day, photographer & assistant, model, MUA and 3 members from the brand.

9:00am We arrived to the venue to start organizing the shoot, we always like to start with a walk through of the space with the client so we can organize the right locations to shoot at the right time (factoring in the sun again). The model and MUA are already there starting on hair and makeup and the clothes are being steamed.

10:30am We are ready to start photographing, with the walk through in the morning the outfits and locations are already selected so the images come through fast and there are some swift outfit changes! The day from then forward is always busy and fun – a great soundtrack helps keep the atmosphere upbeat.

Once the client is happy we got all the outfits and images done within the location we move on to the next. Trying to keep the momentum up so we can get as many outfits and images as possible.

2:00pm Lunch time! Nothing is better then Wagamama’s after photographing for nearly 4 hours straight. After we’re done eating and before anyone slips in to a food coma we start photographing again.

5:00pm That’s a wrap! We start to take down all the equipment and pack up the car. The images are sent over to the client so they can select the final images to use on their website, social media and other marketing sites.


Photographing on location is always a challenge but the pros out weigh the cons. Its a great way to show off you items in real life and really make them stand out. You’re not only selling the clothing but the lifestyle as well!

If you’re a brand looking for visual content through photography contact us!

We would love to create some truly amazing images for you.