Location model photography, takes a lot of planning and at Sage Studio we are able to help you plan the shoot or stand back and follow your lead.

For this shoot we went along with the clients planning. Even with the best planning the weather can always change things. While at the location the wind and overcast sky made us change locations more then we thought.


Camber sands and the town of Rye in East Sussex is a beautiful location for classic looking women’s wear. With 3 miles of beautiful sand dunes and the town of cobbled stone lanes and medieval, half timbered house it offers some great backdrops to photograph in front of.


Nikon D800 camera (x2, always bring a spare!)
Nikon 24-70mm lens
Nikon 50mm lens
Light reflector and flash gun
For the day we switched between the 24-70mm and 50mm depending on the location and how much space we had in town. For lighting, we made use of the natural light, with the weather being overcast we didn’t need to worry about high contract between sun and shadow.
With all our shoots we want the client to be able to view the images as we photograph but on a beach with high winds and rain we left the laptop inside and only loaded the images during breaks back at the BNB.

While on the shoot we also like to take behind the scene videos to show other clients what its like. Check out the video below.


On the day

After a 2 hour drive in the morning we got to the air BNB as the MUA was getting hair and make up done and members of the brand were getting the outfits ready.
On this location we started on the road to the beach, with the high winds that day we tried to stay within closed spaces before the sand dunes. While on the beach and within the sand dunes we managed to get a few outfits (we had a van travelling with us for the model to change into) and different looks done before it became to much and we had to move into town. It felt like a free facial scrub with the sand hitting us!
The move to town gave us the perfect opportunity to stop for lunch, we filled into the van and photographers vehicle to head into town to find a restaurant for lunch and regroup. Marco’s had delicious Mediterranean and Greek dishes that I would go back to Rye for!
Once we’ve all eaten we went back out to scout the town while the model had hair and make-up touch ups. We found some amazing lanes, houses and a cute ice cream parlor to photograph in front of. With the weather we tried to work as fast as possible to get as many outfits photographed that we could.
By the end of the day we were all tired, cold and needing to sit down but we managed to get some great images for the clients website, social media and marketing materials.


Photographing on location is always a challenge but the pros out weigh the cons. Its a great way to show case off you items in real life and really make them stand out. You’re not only selling the clothing but the lifestyle as well!

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