Model location photography shoots are one of the best ways to show off the lifestyle your brand is trying get out there. For this shoot our client picked the amazing iconic location to showcase new outdoor wear as well as their new night out line.


With Brighton a little to far from London to leave the morning of the shoot we decided to travel down the day before and stay in a hotel. With Brighton as the location there are many lovely hotels on the boardwalk and the client chose Mercure hotel to start. In the afternoon we went out on the beach and pier.


In our mound of equipment there was two cameras, both Nikon D800 and three lens, two 24-70mm and one 50mm. For the day we switched between the 24-70mm and 50mm depending on the location and how much space we had. For lighting, with the UK, you never know what you’re going to get so we brought our Godox flash head with multiply accessories/ diffusers and trigger so we didn’t have to keep it on camera as well as our portable Godox stope lights that offer a little more of a punch and we have the opportunity to use different attachments. Also within our bags we had a light reflector and scrim panel.

With all our shoots we want the client to be able to view the images as we photograph but on a boardwalk with high winds and rain we left the laptop inside and only loaded the images during breaks back at the hotel.

While on the shoot we also like to take behind the scene videos to show other clients what its like. Check out the video below.


On the day

We had 7 people on location, photographer, photographer assistant, MUA, model and 3 members of the brand.

While at Brighton we started the day at the Mercure Hotel (coming soon to check out that page to see the images we captured there) which we used as our base when we went out to the boardwalk. With the rain we didn’t bring out our lights but used our reflectors and had some great natural light.
While outside we tried to make as much of the time as possible before the heavens opened up. We ended walking from one end of the board walk to the pier where we managed to capture some great images, and pick up some hot chocolate and homemade brownies on the way!
In the end we photographed around 12 outfits. Changing in the open can always lead to problems but with a group of people blocking other peoples views and the use of public washrooms we made it work.


Photographing on location is always a challenge but the pros out weigh the cons. Its a great way to show case off you items in real life and really make them stand out. You’re not only selling the clothing but the lifestyle as well!


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