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Sage Studio offers Commercial product photography and ecommerce still life for beauty and makeup products. Creative product photography with water splashes highlights and gives a vibrant tone for an advertisement on your social media or newspaper. For your ecommerce beauty brand, Sage Studio offers a variety of different options, including product photography on white background, underwater photography, water splashes photography and high end still life on black background, including in-house high end retouching. Our talented still life photographers and experts in photo editing have over ten years of experience in technical and complicated still life photography, and they perfectly know how to emphasize your makeup products with striking images. Lipstick ecommerce photography and beauty product packshot are our daily bread at Sage Studio.

Women swimwear and beachwear ecommerce photography
Summer is behind us but dreams of warm holidays are on every one’s mind, it’s time to update your fashion e-commerce website with your new collection of swimwear. Sage Studio is the perfect place for photographing your swimwear and beachwear with any kind of image, from flat lays (simple or styled with colourful props) to complex invisible/ghost mannequin photography. Consider a fashion summer campaign with models, highlighting your swimwear at the very best. Choose Sage as your new photographic studio in London for your model, packshot and still life photography.

Woman’s evening wear e-commerce photography
It’s the time of year when women are looking for the perfect dress for the holiday seasons. Why not get your collections photographed invisible mannequin style to highlight them in the best possible way. At Sage Studio you can get all the type of imagery you could be looking for, ghost mannequin, flat lay, or model photography. Weather your looking to update your website or social media page Sage Studio can help you with all your imagery needs. Choose Sage as your new photographic studio in London for your model, packshot and still life photography.

Men and women sportswear and fitness ecommerce photography
Looking for a photographic studio in London for your sportswear brand? Sage Studio already collaborates with some of the best fitness ecommerce website on the market. At Sage Studio we know how to emphasize a sportswear collection with outstanding flat lay photography. For your ecommerce ghost/invisible mannequin photography on white background, Sage Studio offers consistency and quality for your ecommerce sportswear brand. Sports bra ecommerce photography, tank top ghost mannequin packshot, trousers and leggings for your photographic campaign. Choose Sage as your new photographic studio in London for your model, packshot and still life photography.

Jewellery and Watches ecommerce photography
Sage Studio offers leading quality photography for jewellery and watch companies based in London or anywhere else. Sage studio provides high-end quality e-commerce photography for Jewellery: ring photography on white background for e-commerce, creative women necklace still life product shot, bracelet and other jewellery photography on model for advertising. Sage Studio developed a unique technique to photograph and retouch still life watches images, whether for a Rolex or a small start-up company, offering quality and affordable prices for any creative ecommerce photoshoot in London. Choose Sage as your new photographic studio in London for your model, packshot and still life photography.

Table top ecommerce still life photography
Sage Studio is the photographic studio in London that offers a complete service for your table top e-commerce products. Handbag, purse, clutch, backpack e-commerce photography, emphasizing leather, details and textures with packshot, still life photography and 360 degrees photography. More than this, Sage Studio can photograph pretty much anything and our services include: Sunglasses ecommerce photography, scarves and gloves still life photography, ties photography and other men’s accessories product shoot. Shoes photography is our specialties, including angled and side shoes photography, shoes on white background, 360 degrees photography of boots and much more.

Creative Photography shoot in our photo studio in London


Creative Photography

The art of previsualising and converting a concept into a beautiful image


The concept and the behind-the-scenes of our creative photography shoot

The product we feature in this blog post is a perfect example of mixed techniques and difficulties. The Beats headset photographed are made of three different materials, and each one requires specific adjustments. We have the opaque plastic, the delicate yet detailed leather and the highly reflective metallic parts. Follow us in this in-depth analysis on one of our creative photography shoots.

The initial step is choosing the right background. Since we didn’t want to have colour casting, we picked a middle grey that helps to cut out the product without altering the contrast. Preparing the “floating” effect was rather easy, a boom arm and a a couple of clothes hangers solved our problems; we knew we have to retouch a little, but it’s an easy task. Alternatively, we could have used invisible thread, but we tend to avoid it when we are going to photostack; a small vibration can compromise the photoshoot, unnecessarily increasing our time behind the camera!

The lighting scheme

After placing the product, we start playing around with the lights. We have a frontal snoot-ed light that enphasise, with a sharp and direct light, the texture of the leather parts. The “cone” helps to concentrate the light solely in that area. Diffusing the right light with a frosted filter offers a nice, soft contrast on the product, without compromising the texturised effect on the leather. We softened the rim light, coming from the left, with the same Lee frost filter; we added also a polarising sheet, that aids to eliminate the reflection on the metal surfaces. With the help of an assistant, we started moving around black and white perspex sheets, trying to highlight or increase the shadows on some specific areas.

The final step – once we were happy with the lighting scheme, was photo-stacking, obtaining a perfectly focused product. The entire photoshoot took us roughly one hour.

The creative editing and the final touch

We ended up with 15 images we photostacked and imported again in Capture One for refining the RAW stacked photo.

You can see the before and after in the photo comparison on the right (below on mobile).

In the first step, we created a clipping path to isolate the subject from the background. After this, we cleaned all the small imperfections (cracks on the leather, dust, hair and minor scratches that you can find easily even on a new product!) using the clone/healing tools and some advanced techniques such as frequency separation. In the third step, we refined the metallic parts, creating interesting highlights and gradients (see how lively and shiny the “b” logo appears in the final image). Some areas, in particular the folding mechanism on the right side, were quite complicated, so we recreated them in Photoshop. In the fourth step, we matched the colours with the product; despite the fact we calibrated the camera at the beginning of the photoshoot, some colours were altered. We neutralised the green casting on the white inside and then matched the blush/sand pink.

The creative input

At this point the product was almost ready; we applied some contrast curves (carefully balanced to affect only specific areas) in “luminosity” blending mode to preserve the saturation. In the final step, we used a photo of metallic-ink underwater that we included within the product. Changing the contrast and applying a shadow on the product, we made the scene perfectly credible and realistic.

The entire retouching process lasted two to three hours and we are happy with the final result. The importance of photographing with a specific concept in mind minimises the chance of error and helps to achieve an outstanding result. The creative photography process that leads to this final image is the sum of the experience of the two creative directors of Sage Studio, Alessio and Trista, both involved along the process of any high-end project.

sage-studio-headset-ecommerce-creative-before sage-studio-headset-ecommerce-creative-after

Sage Studio on helping to prevent the spread of Coronavirus

Here at Sage we are very concern about the COVID-19 virus and we are determined to making sure we do our part to not spread it further.

Although we have stopped all contact shoots (model shoots, high-end stylist shoot, etc) we are still operating at a near 100% capacity in our ecommerce studio. Which means we’re still photographing and booking in photography shoots for ghost mannequin, flat lays and table top products.

Below are the steps we will be taking in order to keep our staff and clients safe.

Contact-less deliveries

We ask all of our clients to ask their delivery service to leave all items by our door and we will bring the items in once they have left. This will hopefully reduce the risk of human to human contact.

Disinfecting all photography equipment

We will disinfect all cameras, laptops and other equipment items that gets daily use, multiple times a day with anti-bacterial cleaning products. We will also ensure all staff wash their hands on a regular basis and after touching anything new.

Minimal staff at the studio

All of our retouching and office staff will be working from home for the foreseeable future. Our photographers are only a short walk away from our studio, and they will only be in the studio when we’ve booked in a shoot. As they can walk this is going to reduce the risk of getting the virus by avoiding public transport.

Disinfect all products and steaming all clothing for 3 minutes

As there are concerns that the virus can stay active on objects for a few hours to a few days once we receive your items, we will be disinfecting hard surface products with anti-bacterial cleaning products (making use not to damage the products) and steaming clothing on high heat for 3 minutes to kill any germs (on appropriate fabric type only).

Handling products with gloves while photographing

During the photography and styling process we will be wearing gloves at all times making sure we keep changing them if we touch other surfaces that have not been disinfected regularly.

Disinfect all products once we’ve completed photographing them

Once all products are done being photographed we will once again disinfect them as much as possible before quickly packing them away.

Contact-less collection

As with our contact-less deliveries we will ask all delivery drives to back away once they come to collect the items so we can place the products outside the door for them to take.

If you have any questions or concerns about the steps we’re taking please feel free to contact us via the website link or email us directly at

Creative Product Photography


Product Photography, behind the scenes

We had a great time coming up with creative product photography for our Tretorn rain boots. Product photography is what we see most at Sage Studio and we love to have full creative input in a shoot.

Creating these photographs came at a bit of a challenge. We needed to come up with ideas on how to suspend the boots in the air without them moving or deforming the shape and keeping the water in one place long enough to get the images needed. We ended up using a few tricks of the trade and some DIY hacks to get everything to come together.

To make the boots appear floating we came up with a hanger solution that worked better then expected! All we needed was a cross bar to go over the set-up and two hangers, one normal shirt hanger and a second trouser hanger with clips.


For the water on the surface and on the boots, glycerine mixed with water saved the day! Once glycerine is mixed properly it becomes a semi solid state that allows you to apply it to almost any surface without it running down like water.

For our next challenge we faced too many reflections in the water that was showing the studio. Our solution here was using a polarising filter on the lens and a polarising linear sheet to cover the lights. If you’ve never tried these two products before we highly recommend looking into it! If you face harsh reflections on any surface you photograph they will make your job 100% easier to remove them!


Move the slider to see before and after

When booking a shoot with us quote discount code ‘no-more-rain’ to get 10% off your first booking.


*Can only be used once.
*First time clients only. 

Invisible Mannequin

The invisible mannequin (commonly known as ghost mannequin) effect allows you to take multiple photographs of a product on a mannequin. In post production, the mannequin is removed and the images are combined. The result allows the consumer to instantly understand how a garment will appear in real life keeping the focus on the product.

instantly understand how a garment will appear in real life

Typically, each garment needs two images to be taken for each side being photographed. For example, the front of the garment needs a full-length image, as well as the inside part which can be photographed on the mannequin but with that garment inside out, held up or laid flat depending on the design.


There are several advantages to photographing in an invisible mannequin;

  • A mannequin allows you to have the same size and shape for all your garments.
  • You will be able to style the garment more effectively as it doesn’t move.
  • The consumer isn’t distracted by a model presence – the garment speaks for itself.
  • Provides perfect symmetry to the garments.

The perfect invisible mannequin photography

Our studio has perfected this technique through our work with multiple brands. We also photograph flat lays, products and model shoots. Sage Studio will be able to provide you with high quality, professional images.

When booking a shoot with us quote discount code ‘mannequin-blog‘ to get 10% off your first booking.


*Can only be used once.
*First time clients only. 

Best of 2019


2019 photography portfolio selection

Here at Sage Studio, we love photographing any type of product. Last year we formed some amazing, lasting client relationships that we continue to nurture into the new year. From creative flat lays to rain jackets for your furry four-legged best friend we saw some great products last year. The highlight of this industry is that we get to see so many new and up-coming companies coming out with some great new fashion designs.


LNDR, is one of those brands that you love the clothing right away. They have amazing gym wear for women that are great to photograph. We had a fun time photographing their items in creative, eye catching layouts.


The Furry Chef

The Furry Chef, we love to see different products come into our studio and The Furry Chef definitely had some of those. It was challenging but also great fun to try to figure out how to make the puppy harness come alive in a ghost ‘puppy’ mannequin image.

Olivia Rubin

Olivia Rubin, every time we have them in the studio all staff members need to come check out the new designs. From the flirty patterns, elegant lace and silky soft material they are always fun, and a bit challenging to photograph.


These are just three of our favourite clients from 2019, and we can’t wait to get even more in 2020. From ghost mannequin, flat lays, products and model shoot we photograph it all here.

When booking a shoot with us quote discount code ‘Jan-blog’ to get 10% off your first booking.


*Can only be used once.
*First time clients only. 

Welcome to Sage


e-Commerce Photography in evolution

Sage Studio came together when a group of creatives decided to stop working for other impersonal London studios and start their own studio. We have a small, but dedicated core production team. This means we can spend that extra time looking after our clients and providing the highest level of service to ensure we meet all of your photographic needs.

we created a studio that is all about photography and client relations

Photography has always been a passion of ours which is why we created a studio that is all about photography and client relations.
At Sage we offer our expertise in fashion imagery, e-commerce, and product photography. We work with experienced models, makeup artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists and anyone else that can help bring together our client’s vision.


Our studio is always evolving. We have moved to North London to have a lifestyle studio as well as a separate, fully equipped e-commerce studio. Even though our lifestyle studio isn’t complete yet we have high hopes for it this year. Sage Studios e-commerce studio is open six days a week to ensure all of our clients meet their deadlines. We strive to supply a high quality service in all aspects of our business while offering competitive prices. If you’re after ghost mannequin images, flat lays, product or model shots you can get it all here.


Our four-legged photography assistant, Benson, will be happy to greet you if you pop by!

When booking a shoot with us quote discount code ‘welcome-blog‘ to get 10% off your first booking.


*Can only be used once.
*First time clients only.