Kent has many beautiful locations and homes to photograph in and ‘6ixteen Country House’ is just one of them. Model photography on locations can be one of the best shoots to really show off new collections for brands.

Once again our client picked the location and crew, we didn’t get a chance to take a look at the location before hand so we brought as much equipment as we could with us.


6ixteen Country House is a purpose designed location house located just over an hour and a half away from our studio in North London. The house was built by an interior photographer which really comes out in each room. With the look for the shoot more ‘Mother of the bride’ we chose to shoot in the more minimal rooms. Outside has 17 acres of beautiful grounds, unfortunately for us the weather had other ideas when we tried to go out.


Within our equipment list included two cameras, both Nikon D800 and three lens, two 24-70mm and one 50mm, and multiple lights and diffusers. For lighting, we knew we wanted to create natural looking shadows and use the natural light as much as possible but within the UK, you never know what you’re going to get (and it rained most of the day). As there was a videographer on set with us we partnered up with them to use continuous lighting only, some coming through the windows to magnify the natural light and others to fill in the shadows.
With all our location model shoots we want our clients to be able to view the images as we photograph which is why we shoot tethered to a laptop.

Check out our behind the scenes video below to take a look at our day. 


On the day

We had 8 people on set, photographer & assistant, videographer, model, MUA and 3 members from the brand.

We had an early start leaving London to get to the location but once at the venue, the shoot started with lots of coffee then hair and make-up, while that was happening Anja and I went to scout the house to see how the natural light falls trough the windows to map out a plan for photographing.  One of our many goals when photographing on location is to use as much of the property as possible to give the client has many options as we can and to use as much natural light as we can.

With the client we worked out the areas we would be photographing and the types of outfits that would go in each room. This gave us time to focus on the shoot rather then ‘what’s next’.

We ended up photographing in 5 rooms plus the outside front door of the house (managed to get out there when the rain stopped long enough). We captured some stunning images for website, social media and marketing materials.


Photographing on location is always a challenge but the pros out weigh the cons. Its a great way to show case off you items in real life and really make them stand out. You’re not only selling the clothing but the lifestyle as well!

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